Dakaitism Quotes by Rehman Malik

Quotable quotes of Rehman Malik [aka Rehman Dakait] which shall go down into history as Dakaitism Quotes

I will expose all those involved in assisting terrorists and conspiring against the state,” said Malik after being made the BUTT of criticism for the poor law and order situation from the opposition, following demands for grants for the interior division in the National Assembly.

Mr. Dakait has been in-office for three years, with over 35,000 innocent Pakistani killed due to terrorism INCLUDING Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, this threat to expose the facilitators has been heard a million times.  Hence it must rank as yet another Dakatism by Rehman Dakait

in urdu they say Khali Bartan Bhut Shoor Machatay Hain

خالی برتن بہت شور مچاتے ھیں